Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Beauty- 2D Design Fall 2010

-Describe and define a movie using static screenshots
-Utilize the elements and principles of design that illustrate my selected plot of chosen scenes
-Explore mixed medias and practice technique of craft
Obviously here I have drawn the movie American Beauty, which I have never seen before this project began. I personally struggled with this project because I don't have much experience producing books nor do I naturally work with mixed media being a design major. I chose not to go with a typical book "form" instead I found a stainless steel canaster that reminded me of a film canaster. Every other screen shot is colored and the opposites are black and white. Each black and white has an element of roses, as roses were a continuous theme throughout the movie, seeing them in almost each scene of the movie. Along with the captions I put with each image the roses and their placement represent the focus of that particular shot to help emphasis where we are and what the emotions are in that part of the story. The final page has a single large rose and india inked "blood" like splatters, mirroring Kevin Spacey being shot through the head with the evidence being on the tile kitchen wall.

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