Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interior Perspectives 10-29-09

Next time I practice my perspective drawings I will pick spaces with more objects in them. They were hard to find and also be narrow enough to locate a vanishing point.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dialog Critique and Comparison 10-30-09

Two dialog structures stood out to me. They do not carry the typical "square" structure that is common among a lot of us first years, but delicate, soft, caccoon like spaces. In Dajana's "Dialog" [her keywords being, "Fit Together" "Surround" and "Dialog", the folding of the cards are flowing and never ending in both her base and spaces. She had created one whole circular space that divides itself by a set of linear skewers. While the Carlie's project "Diamond Tree House", she has two separated circles that are unified through the similarity of the folding, angles, and proportion. Carlie's base adds a nice contrast in color and texture. Though I do not know her mind set behind it, it works in my mind. Both projects are easy on the eyes. To me, they seem dream like and wispy though the materials themselves are sharp and harsh. Instead of knowing and seeing what is in front of me, I see both Dialogs as representing many different things, creating many stories and ideas.

Morning Exercise 10-20-09

Morning Exercise 10-22-09

"Junk" Shadow Boxes in Perspective 10-22-09

Junk Drawer Drawing 10-20-09

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dialog-10-28-09-Environmental Design 101

Using the same materials at the "Unity" project (12 rods and 12 planes) we were asked to "Create two distinct spaces that relate to one another in a mutually supportive way. In seeking this dialog, explore dualities of solid and void, front and back, in and out, orthogonal and diagonal, etc. Let the construction vocabulary reinforce and articulate your ideas about form."

This "Exploding Cube" is my first ideation. The idea is to give the illusion of a "perfect" cube in the center and an exploding cube formation surrounding and extruding from the center. The Skewers support the disappearing process of the cube "parts" and they in themselves create a successful space. I haven't decided what the base should be, any suggestions are much appreciated. It should deal with spaces in itself without breaking the rules and adding actual spaces. Only 2 are allowed.

My second ideation is photographed in the top 6 pictures. The changes I made are slight. I added a foam core base which i placed my "Dialog" project in the corner to add interest. I also changed the location and and joinery of a few of my extruding "cube" pieces. Above those pictures I have my orthographic drawings. A plan view, left elevation, front elevation and section elevation are included. I chose to draw them in pen to help them stand out against the black backround. I created dialog by using skewers to attach my separate drawings. I free handed the title which I wouldn't normally do but with it being titled "Essence and Accident" I thought it was appropriate.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vinette Drawings 10-15-09

Grounded by Unity--"Understanding Unity" 10-9-09 Environmental Design 101

"Unity implies oneness or singularity of purpose, but the interesting thing is that it also implies that there is more than one element in the unifying process and that the elements are different in some way. Designing entails seek strategies for unifying elements into a whole, while at the same time celebrating the differences that help us to identify the parts of the whole."

ideation: 12 rods, 12 planes (4x6) on an 12x12 base. [Explore unities of opposites, linear/planar, solid/void, up/down, left/right, in/out, thick/thin]
descriptive drawing: describe assemblage with plan, 2 elevations, perspective view & 3-D
graphic: using magazine images, text, texture, and colors make a parti for your assemblage 12x12 format.

I initially thought of a family tree when brainstorming for this project. Family is on my mind constantly going to school 21 hours from home so that is my inspiration for a lot of design. I chose cork for my base which I layered and ripped to resemble the earth/tree trunk/tree roots. My branches are purposefully wide and outward to "cradle" the leaves. It relates to a family cradling memories, love, and each other. I wet and crumpled bristol board rectangles which I attached to give the "tree" itself a soft, floating appearance which contrasts with the sharp drunk/branches in color and texture. I based my parti on family, texture, lines and curves, representing my abstract tree.

3-D Models in Multi-View 10-6-09


This is a multi-view composition of one 3-D model inspired by my "Sticks and Cell Phone" drawings. The pictures below the dividing line are my first set of drawings and my second, improved set are above. I changed the arrangement of my different views, adding one detail in the top left corner. This time around I think it looks much cleaner and representative of my project.