Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grounded by Unity--"Understanding Unity" 10-9-09 Environmental Design 101

"Unity implies oneness or singularity of purpose, but the interesting thing is that it also implies that there is more than one element in the unifying process and that the elements are different in some way. Designing entails seek strategies for unifying elements into a whole, while at the same time celebrating the differences that help us to identify the parts of the whole."

ideation: 12 rods, 12 planes (4x6) on an 12x12 base. [Explore unities of opposites, linear/planar, solid/void, up/down, left/right, in/out, thick/thin]
descriptive drawing: describe assemblage with plan, 2 elevations, perspective view & 3-D
graphic: using magazine images, text, texture, and colors make a parti for your assemblage 12x12 format.

I initially thought of a family tree when brainstorming for this project. Family is on my mind constantly going to school 21 hours from home so that is my inspiration for a lot of design. I chose cork for my base which I layered and ripped to resemble the earth/tree trunk/tree roots. My branches are purposefully wide and outward to "cradle" the leaves. It relates to a family cradling memories, love, and each other. I wet and crumpled bristol board rectangles which I attached to give the "tree" itself a soft, floating appearance which contrasts with the sharp drunk/branches in color and texture. I based my parti on family, texture, lines and curves, representing my abstract tree.

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