Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dialog-10-28-09-Environmental Design 101

Using the same materials at the "Unity" project (12 rods and 12 planes) we were asked to "Create two distinct spaces that relate to one another in a mutually supportive way. In seeking this dialog, explore dualities of solid and void, front and back, in and out, orthogonal and diagonal, etc. Let the construction vocabulary reinforce and articulate your ideas about form."

This "Exploding Cube" is my first ideation. The idea is to give the illusion of a "perfect" cube in the center and an exploding cube formation surrounding and extruding from the center. The Skewers support the disappearing process of the cube "parts" and they in themselves create a successful space. I haven't decided what the base should be, any suggestions are much appreciated. It should deal with spaces in itself without breaking the rules and adding actual spaces. Only 2 are allowed.

My second ideation is photographed in the top 6 pictures. The changes I made are slight. I added a foam core base which i placed my "Dialog" project in the corner to add interest. I also changed the location and and joinery of a few of my extruding "cube" pieces. Above those pictures I have my orthographic drawings. A plan view, left elevation, front elevation and section elevation are included. I chose to draw them in pen to help them stand out against the black backround. I created dialog by using skewers to attach my separate drawings. I free handed the title which I wouldn't normally do but with it being titled "Essence and Accident" I thought it was appropriate.

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