Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Beauty Story Book-2D Design Final Project

Mixed Media Method 1. Translucent brown tape scenes by Mark Khaisman. Layers layer after layer of tape over plexiglass to create these rustic illustrations. Retro and Mysterious.

Mixed Media Method 2. Fabric Image Transfer. Print out your image on the rough side of an inkjet transparency. Iron the recieving cloth if necessary. Apply a thin but thorough layer of polymer gloss to the fabric. It may be slippery so hold your image down then remove.

Here I found an interesting way of creating a story book through continueing photographs and nothing else. I love that it doesn't include any text whatsoever.

Book Binding Technique 1. Japanese Book Binding. For more instruction on this form of book binding, visit youtube!

As seen above cleary there are many styles of modge podge and here I only have shown 2..vintage or modern?? which do you like!? Modge podge being one of the mixed media techniques I chose to represent an example for.

Mixed Media Artist 1. Mikel Robinson. Mikel works (seen above) with light to illuminate both the phsyical and emotional darkness of this world. For him, light is more than a mechanical means of manipulation-it is literally a way to illuminate and explore the dark corners of the human experience. He has been creating mixed media works for 20 years now. He began using light to illuminate pieces once he discovered an immediate connection with his audience. - I love the effortless, vintage vibe Mikel's artwork gives us. It's almost haunting although he believes it is very "light"..I think if i entered an installation of his I'd both be in awe and covered in goosebumps. That is nice and a refreshing excitement for me!

Mixed Media Artst 2. I took a look at 2 Designer/Artists using mixed media in their current works, starting with J.M. Culver- She is an emerging figurative artist working with on narrative and abstraction. J.M. mainly focuses on drawing and painting. She came from North Carolina to the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis- I really get intriqued by her dark, simplistic pieces in all different medias. I discovered her through her photo callagues though.

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