Friday, April 30, 2010

Artist Loft-Loading Dock Space March/April 2010- Environmental Design 102

Shawn's personal painting style is very dark, eerie and kind of disturbing in some pieces, however he carries this messed, wiped, dripped style that you can clearly see through my super graphic. When I researched his studio space I found it very minimal, light walls with dark accents and when I think of the essence he gives to his viewers, the contrast between dark and light is very apparent as well as natural and rough materials which you can see through the space’s wood and cement sections. The main goal was to give Shawn a very lit studio, so I have added many windows along the north and east walls to provide that for him, also the large garage door allowing him to open and close his studio to the outdoors and fresh air. The studio space I left very open and versatile so he can customize it the way he wants. I have added shelving and rods to mount rolls of canvas as well as a table that can open to cut canvas, I have also placed moveable easels and the cement floor acts as a great way to catch the dripped paint. I have added a small visiting area and kitchen/dining area for 1 or 2 people to comfortably eat. To lessen the energy use and save space of the studio I have made the dining table into refrigerator drawers. Iron screens act as a separation between the living and studio space while allowing light to flow through the space. As you walk upstairs you will find a small bathroom and bedroom, meant and designed for exactly that, rest and an escape from the paint fumes. I have a custom made closet/shelving area that acts as storage for the bathroom, divided in half by a frost glass sheet. Throughout the space I tried to introduce rectangles like I have rectangle panes of glass in the windows and doors I tried to incorporate that into the iron screens, cupboards, shelving etc. The space I hope will represent as easily interchangeable living/studio interior, appropriate for multiple types of artists that might want to visit the Gatewood building. Simplistic, warm, and rustically chic is the vibe it gives me.

Class was divided into two large groups, my group received the "Loading Dock" on the ground level of Gatewood Studio. Our job, is to develop a proposal for an Artist in a Residential studio for any visiting designer or artist. We can choose to either focus on one particular type of artist or choose to fit the overall needs of an artist of any media. I, knowing a few very influential painters decided to create a space for a painter however it could really fit the needs of anyone. Shawn Barber stood out to me with his dark, dirty style of painting. He uses a lot of dark shades and great contrast in his portraits. He really does capture the essence I would want to as a painter myself. I like the way his paintings melt towards the edges of the canvas and the faces feel like real expressions and personalities.

I found a couple videos of Shawn working in his studio space in California, white walls, cluttered supplies, nothing extravagant or shiny there. I searched for some inspiration pictures of lofts, kitchens and living spaces using original ducts, wood and rough materials. My goal is to make the studio space unbiased. I hope it will not have one set feeling when you look at it, I want it to look sturdy and strong but rustic and clean/simple. This is what I have so far. Below you will see a series of perspective "ideas" for the space as well as the wall elevations and floor plan of the existing room. You will also see some of Shawn Barber's works of art, hopefully you can begin to see the space and environment appropriate to my scheme.

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