Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vertical Moments of Light--2-17-10 Environmental Design 102

In the window space provided for us, we were to create 2 moments of light defined space with the material provided (Cardboard) and no more than 2 other materials of our choice. The composition should be no deeper than the window frame and must consider the entire space of the window. We were to create a system that uses only friction, no adhesives or mechanical fasteners to keep composition in place.

My desk window is side by side to three others forming a perfect square. Abigail, Kacie, Jenni and I naturally teamed up together after part of the project's objective was to relate to the surrounding windows in our space. We were inspired initially from the top photo on this post. We were entriqued by the rectangular and square patterns as well as the individual patterns within those shapes. We took on the task of replicating these geometric shapes right away. Our first full scale was composed of three sided boxes, taped and put together to entirely fill each window. The craft was not quite up to par and we didn't care for the open spaces you could see from the side angles viewing the windows.

Our second and final window models were completely reconstructed out of 5 sided boxes, suraded at the fold and hot glued on the edges to assemble them. This method was much more affective in showing our two moments of light, those being the negative space randomly placed between shapes and the shadow those spaces have on the surrounding boxes. Another light affect that was later discovered is how the artificial lighting on the inside of Gatewood plays on the geometric extrusions and the golden light that shines through the grained edges of the boxes.

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