Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Create a Ritual--2-1-10 Environmental Design

Our assignment was to use an object of our choice, write a ritual and create two more accessories to go with your object. Your objects and their relationships should be part of the creation and performance of the ritual. Your objects should not be 'illustrations' of the ritual.

To me, a lot of ritual meaning lies within words, these words help support my faith and positivity in life. One way in which I receive this “refreshment” is in the writings and doodles from my boyfriend Erik. They are a huge source of comfort to me. Anticipating these letters is one of the most enjoyable things to me, opening my mailbox and reading through his goofy or serious poems is one of my favorite rituals. Even more importantly, it is critical to me to keep my letters safe and protected, to always look back on as well as remind me of the care and talent for others I always aspire to have.

Project Analysis and Process
My Ritual experience objects are comprised of wood and my chosen second material, paper. I began my design ideas by thinking and sketching out multiple thumbnails of some of my most used and most sentimental personal belongings. My letter’s spoke to me more than just any simplistic ritual such as a daily ritual for any common person. I am certain I am the only student who chose their boyfriend’s letters, that is always my goal to do something close to my heart and different than anyone else.
Thinking about what could “accessorize” my letters was somewhat difficult for me, I did not want to create anything too literal. However, in the process of receiving letters how I do, a mailbox is a large part of my ritual. Therefore, it seemed fitting to start brainstorming the approach of making a personalized mailbox.
My final mailbox is made solely of birch wood, and one hinge. It is shaped identically to my mailbox here at school for obvious reasons. I chose to paint it black, as well as attaching a small square piece of extra wood to the front door to act as a handle. A simple 10x5 rectangular storage box was the outcome. I can set it on my desk or shelf for safe-keeping.
In my second constructed object I wanted to emphasize the feeling of emotion and personality more than support and modernism. I found a beautiful, thick green and black paper that reminded me of Erik. Once I found this “special” paper, it inspired me to make a personalize envelope for later viewings of my letter. The paper and letters are folded in threes and safely kept neat and flat by a rectangular 8 ½ x 3 1/2 wood plate. The letters are bound to the board and decoratively held together by silver ribbon woven through small holes in the wood and papers. It is knotted together to secure their position and it consists of knotted loops to enclose the entire ensemble on the outside of the envelope. This envelope is meant to rest inside my mailbox shelf as part of the ritual I am trying to portray.
In conclusion, looking back on my Ritual objects as a whole, I may have done a few things differently. I might have experimented a bit with easier ways to close the envelope as well as maybe a more edgy looking mailbox design. However, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my project. I believe it deserves at least a B. It is constructed with much care and very neat to look at. My object relate in my opinion just as was stated they should when the project was first introduced. Although the ideas for my ritual object came quite quickly I do not necessarily mean I didn’t put enough work into it. I think it shows that I was inspired and knew exactly how to express what message I was trying to get across to the viewers. I estimate that I put approximately 60+ hours into this particular project, which I think it appropriate considering that my second material was not a very time consuming one. This estimation includes brainstorming, material shopping, sketching, discussing with fellow students, time in the woodshop and studio after hours drawing and crafting my design.

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