Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Luminescence Final Model- Environmental Design 102

...This is my second and final "Luminescence" model. I made quite a few adjustments to my construction this time. I chose to Double the size of the lamp so the light bulb itself could sit high enough above the colored cut outs to give off a definite pattern of shapes on the surface it is hung. Also I lined the inside with black construction paper to block out the light, focusing almost all of it on the light source coming out of the bottom. I covered the seems where the plastic pieces attach to make it more unified.

Overall, I love what I did and I am very proud of the product I produced. This lamp isn't intended for a specific place in a house or hovering over a certain piece of furniture. But it is meant to be displayed so the field of light is at it's finest, whether that be sitting on something or being hung, the choice is yours. However, we were to include our Luminaere in our "Lake House" designs for our IAR 110 class. I chose the young boys room, hung over the dresser. The light affect and colors of the lamp went best with his bedroom and the essence it was already portraying. Fun and young but soffisticated enough for a 12 year old boy.

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