Thursday, November 5, 2009

Luminescence 11-6-09

Intense Lighting

Low Light










"Design a luminaire using two materials that you used in previous projects, plus one new material of your choosing. Your luminaire should create a field of light that articulates the surface upon which it is cast. The light source is to be a compact fluorescent bulb(wattage of your choice) in a standard electric bulb socket."

I am finding this project difficult to be honest. The limits are endless and the guidelines are so vague that my mind goes everywhere when brainstorming for this particular project. Also I'm not familiar working with lights and electricity so this should be interesting! My main inspiration right now for "Luminescence" is a kaleidoscope. The multi-colored glass and the affect is has on whatever it is shining. We were asked to research different forms of lighting, natural and unnatural such as a sunrise, sunset, spotlight, nightlight, shadow, contrast, color, starlight etc. As I explored different photographs, some I have taken and others not...I have looked for a lot of different colors and glow in the field of light which I think resembles a kaleidoscope very well.

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