Monday, January 25, 2010

Illuminated Objects- Design Visualization-01-21-10

For this small assignment we each chose 5 artifacts from studio or home that have importance to us. We were allowed one color and only black pens. In my composition I picked my dance sculpture, bible verses, my ring, "Dance with Me" sign, and music in general to show my love for expression and faith.

Layout: Layout is very important in any ensemble. It automatically makes whatever it may be, visually pleasing to anyone even if you don't like what someone is portraying with their layout. Choosing similar color, text, and content is all including in the overall layout and without fluidity, your work will be a mess to the eye.

Color: Choosing color can change the mood of your presentation very easily. First picking what feeling you are trying to put across and then pick colors that help you feel that way. For example if you pick dark, deep colors ...people are more likely to think it looks stiff and serious. However, choosing brights would add interest and contrast as well as a happy mood!

Text: BIG, bold letters will definitely grab the attention of the onlooking, however is that what you want to stand out in your presentation? Maybe not. The size, style, and color of your text is critical to showing either the key points or hiding the words and letting other parts of the presentation stand out as the focus.

Hierarchy: The way in which you arrange the different parts or pieces to your project may make or break the over successfulness. Try not to make the eye dart from space to space, but instead flow from picture to picture, drawing to drawing etc. It will make the reader want to read or look at more and it'll help avoid a headache.

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